Costume Society of Ontario

We are pleased to introduce the Costume Society of Ontario, this is an association dedicated to exploring the design, development and import of fashion throughout the ages: the influence of dress on society and the reflection of technology, culture and thought on fashion design and display. Far from being dry and academic, this exploration opens a fascinating look into how people express themselves through clothing and what this says about them as individuals and as a culture.

The Costume Society of Ontario membership includes designers, costumers, collectors, performers, professional historians, museum workers, devoted amateurs and anyone interested in aspects of dress from tip (hats) to toe (shoes)! Members explore and discuss all periods of design, fabrics, manufacturing, accessories and accoutrements, delve into the influence of technology, war, ethnicity and culture on the creation of fabric, design, form, function and frivolity!

Whether your interest is academic or personal, whether you are a curator or a collector, the Costume Society can expand your knowledge of, and fascination with, human finery. Visit the Membership Page for details on how to become a member.