Promotion of Intangible Cultural Heritage

Montreal, August 12, 2014

Folklore Canada International Members Culture & Intangible cultural Heritage are part of the sustainable development


Folklore Canada International is progressing in its actions for the promotion of Intangible Cultural Heritage in our society by presenting conferences, shows, festivals, exchanges, lobbying or studies or in encouraging its members to do so. We are contacting you because the United Nations will accept, this fall 2014, a plan for sustainable development that will follow on from the world millennium plan accepted in 2000, and in which culture and heritage were not mentioned.

We strongly believe in the need for an human rights based approach to development and in that putting people first is recognizing the unique transformative power of culture. Development will have been truly achieved when all citizens can participate in and enjoy the music, dance, literature, visual representation, heritage and all other expressions of the arts and culture of their own community and beyond.

Folklore Canada International just signed the Declaration for the inclusion of culture in the UN Sustainable Development goals post 2015.

We are asking to all Community Folk Art Council members and Folklore Canada International members to sign this Declaration. We are hoping that in doing so, it will influence not only the leaders of the world, but also that it will encourage the associations in cultural heritage to show how active they are and how much they believe in the importance of cultural heritage and diversity of cultural expressions.

To sign the document, we invite you to go to the following Website:

and to click on « Sign Now! » where you will find a form to fill out.

We thank you for your commitment in the promotion the intangible cultural heritage and for your collaboration in its safeguard.

Please accept kindest regards,

Guy Landry, General Director