SWAWNEEADToronto, April 25, 2014
Canadian aboriginal SHAWNEE (Mohawk), and outspoken advocate for the LGBT equality will be performing at Yonge Dundas Square on July 1, 2014 at 8pm as a part of the Annual Multicultural Canada Day Celebration presented by the Community Folk Art Council of Toronto, funded by the Canadian Heritage.
Canadian aboriginal (Mohawk) was born in Welland, Ontario. Her mother published author Lynne Sherry Mclean and father Tim Talbot and two siblings. Shawnee grew up with music in the house she played her father’s guitar her brothers piano and listened to Melissa Etheridge until she discovered music was in her blood and bones. Shawnee spent her early childhood years different from other kids. Outside of school she spent writing lyrics, playing instruments writing songs and imagining a life as a professional singer. At the age of 10 life hit hard when Shawnee’s father passed away and her first feeling of ultimate pain set in. A few years later she was discovered and started her first job performing as a Shania Twain impersonator until the age of 15. Growing up as a teenager was a struggle and Shawnee rebelled in ways wanting more from life. She spent most nights in the local bar scene performing ACDC and Led Zeppelin in a rock band. After finishing high school she worked during the days and music nights she saved up enough money and left the small town life behind and headed to Toronto to make music her life.
Shawnee is an award winning performer and watching her live performance becomes apparent why she is a natural born entertainer. Beyond her intoxicating vocal ability, her engaging energy and passion is a true experience in itself. She leads with her heart and it is infectious.
Shawnee is now working with Juno award winning producer Tim Thorney. “I want to share my life experiences with these songs and who knows, they might give someone else strength when needed” The vibrant artist is quickly gaining attention and supporters, Exclaim Magazine says “Shawnee has a female empowered charm all the while she has a undeniable star quality. 
Next to music is her passion for humanity. Shawnee is an outspoken advocate for LGBT equality and strives to empower youth, women’s and aboriginal communities.